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‘’Most women try to wait until they are financially and socially stable to have their first child. Discovering that the youngest girl is entering puberty at an early age can be pretty alarming. But finding out that a little girl is pregnant before her eight or ten birthday that will be a shock for the parents. All around the world, there have been cases of young girls giving birth at unbelievably young ages which led to the conclusion that the main reason is due to sexual abuse. Let us begin with the case of:


An unidentified 8years old girl’s pregnancy was revealed by a policeman who becomes suspicious when he noticed her swollen abdomen and thought she was hiding drugs. After the girl had X-rays done, the hospital confirmed that she was in her 32weeks of pregnancy. The girl revealed that when she was out to buy some medicines from the pharmacy for her sick mother, an employee raped her, according to her mother the employee threatened to kill them if they told anybody about the rape. After the revelation, the girls were placed under the protection of the Colombian family institute” ICBF” for the duration of her pregnancy. The girl eventually gave birth, but she and her mother refused to press charges against the man who raped her.

Mum zi:

Across Africa the traditional practice of keeping harems or households where they kept women in enclosed quarters forbidden to men. A tribal chief includes young age girls, they believe that girls can’t bear children until they have their period. However, in the case of mum-zi she became pregnant at the age of 8years old, and then her daughter became pregnant at the same age so mum zi became a grandmother at the age of 17years old.

Lina medina:

was a little bit weird she was pregnant at the age of 5years old, she was brought to the hospital by her parents to know the cause of her abdominal. According to her mother, Lina went to precocious puberty means that the hormones become activated much earlier than normal,lina started getting her period at the age of 8months. Later when the police tried to determine who raped her they arrested her father but later on, they released him due to the lack of evidence.


in January 1993, an eight-year-old Zulma was raped by her uncle.nine months later she gave birth to a boy by a caesarian section. According to her mother, they hide her pregnancy from everyone. Later a news agency released her story as the youngest mother at that time.


she was from a broke family they stayed in a room with their cousin he was 22years old, one day he raped the little girl in secret. Later Hilda’s mother noticed her swollen bump, she brought her to the hospital where they discovered that she was pregnant. After the analysis, Hilda’s cousin was eventually arrested and charged.


she was born in Russia and she became pregnant at the age of 8 years old only, the little girl’s 30 years old neighbor raped her and get her pregnant.

Unnamed girl:

In India, a widow woman was forced to marry her 8years daughter due to the poverty and the misery they were living in to an adult man,and sadly the girl became pregnant right off,and she and her child died during the delivery. Unfortunately, selling female children to adult men is common in that part of the world.Today, there many organizations trying to stop the marriage of young girls which becomes a nightmare for many of them.

Griselda Acuna:

she was 8years old, she was raped by her family friend and get pregnant. According to her mother, she has her first period when she was only 3years old, the man who raped her has never arrested after he knew about the girl’s pregnancy he run away.


A 6 years old girl gave birth with c section in a hospital in Delhi India.When her parents discovered that she was pregnant they were chocked,h has never begun menstruating yet.Fortunately,even though her young age she was able to breastfeed her child.

Yelizaveta Liza:

A 5year old girl was raped by her 70years old grandfather and she get pregnant,just a few days after her sixth birthday she went to a labor,sadly the girl died during the surgery.After the death of the child the family moved away to avoid unwanted attention.


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