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We all have different tastes when it comes to what we think is hot and what is not. But there are certain traits and physical characteristics that guys universally love, this goes much deeper than having a beautiful face and a nice body. Many of these traits are based on science, while others are so weird, they can’t even be explained. Just wait until you hear why having a certain speech impediment can be a real turn on to some guys.

10 – Stretch marks:

Stretch marks are something that most girls try to avoid and cover-up throughout their whole lives. These marks which usually show up on the hips can be attributed to many factors, they started to appear on your body as the skin stretches due to weight gain, childhood growth spurts, bodybuilding, pregnancy, or breast implant surgery. There are tons of lotions and creams on the market that promise to fade your stretch marks over time, but none of them really work; they may reduce the appearance slightly, but maybe we will keep these marks on our bodies after all. Some men actually love the appearance of stretch marks, so while you are hoping a special product will fade the lines, the guy in your life is loving this imperfection, because these marks are located in places that are usually covered up by your clothing. Some guys feel honored when they actually get a glimpse of them during intimate moments, they can cause a lot of girls to feel insecure, especially when they’re comparing their bodies to women in magazines, but those women probably have stretch marks too, but their flaws are covered up in advertisements with some help from photo editing software. There is nothing wrong with owning every flaw on your body. All the girls out there with stretch marks, it is time to wear them like a badge of honor, there are so many guys out there who will love them and all your imperfections.

9 – Moles:


Moles can be found in many different areas of the human body. Some of us have one mole, while others of us have them covering us from head to toe. If you feel self-conscious about your beauty marks you’ll probably be surprised to know that a lot of guys actually love moles. Some guys have stated that they find moles attractive because they make a girl really unique, one woman in particular just might be one of the most beautiful supermodels in the world and she sports a sizable mole on her face, we’re talking about Cindy Crawford of course. Back when she was growing up, kids at her school used to tease her about her mole, they used to tell her” hey, you have chocolate on your face” this comment was so hurtful, and she even talked to her mom about having the mole removed. Thankfully, her mom talked her out of it and Cindy went on to become one of the most recognizable supermodels in the world, her mole is a part of her signature look, and many women started to draw fake beauty marks on their faces so they could look like her. If you have a noticeable beauty mark on your body, don’t be afraid to show it off just like Cindy did, it makes you who you are, and guys find moles to be super attractive, too.


8 – Wet hair:


Girls, the next time you step out of the shower, don’t be so quick to grab your blow dryer to dry your wet hair. Some guys actually dig a girl, even more, when her hair is dripping wet. It sounds super weird, and you’re probably shocked to hear this, but guys think that a girl with wet hair is showing off the “real side” of herself. When a girl is getting ready and her hair is dripping wet, she is at her most vulnerable state; she isn’t all dolled up with a face full of makeup and perfectly curled looks, she is embracing her natural appearance. If you don’t believe, all you have to do is to take a look at ant men’s magazine to confirm that wet hair is always in. another surprising thing guys about think is hot about a girl is when she wears her wet hair wrapped up in a towel.


7 – Sweat:

we’re not talking about a little bit of skin that’s glistening here, we’re talking about a girl completely drenched in her own sweat. It sounds bizarre, but let us explain. Guys have stated that they love it when a girl gets all hot and sweaty, but regular sweat from being out in the hot sun on a hot summer day won’t do, they actually prefer to see girl sweating her butt off after an intense workout session, you don’t even have to be in awesome shape, as long as your sweat is the outcome of some cardio or weightlifting, you’re sure to turn heads. Some girls are embarrassed to go to the gym due to fears of looking all gross, wet, and smelly after their workout, leaving the gym means your hair is usually a complete mess, and your clothes get drenched and to cling to your body, and those are two things guys love, girls who aren’t afraid to push through their gym sessions and leave all sweaty send out a clear message, they’re saying,” I don’t even care what I look like right now”, that alone is very appealing to most guys. So ladies, don’t be surprised if your boyfriend always calls you “hot” after you workout at the gym; he is probably one of the many guys who think a lot of sweat from physical exertion is one of the hottest things ever.


6  A lisp:



A lisp is a speech impediment that causes some people to misarticulate words with certain letters, like s’s and z’s, some people spend a lot of money and countless years at speech therapy sessions in order to work through this impediment, these sessions can start early in life or later when they enter their adult years. After getting teased in school because of it, some people find that speech lessons are the only way to fix the problem, the sessions can teach them to articulate words without lisping, although we think it’s amazing that someone would seek additional help for their speech issues, some guys would much rather have a girl embrace her lisp, guys have stated that lisp is so “hot”, and they think the sound it makes is super adorable. If the lisp is more pronounced when a girl gets really excited or is frustrated, it can turn a guy on even more. One popular celebrity who is known for her lisp is Drew Barrymore, although it’s not as obvious, you can hear a hint of it in some of her films.


5 – Strong jawline:



Did you know that some guys absolutely love girls with strong jawlines? yep, it’s true. Actresses like Olivia Wilde and Angelina Jolie are two examples of women who have very defined jaws, they each considered to be very physically attractive by most men in the world, and on top of that, they both have chiseled jaws that give their faces an angular shape. Numerous studies have been conducted, and some of them have indicated that a strong jaw has been proven to show a superior immune system in men, so the same can be said for the ladies. if a guy finds a girl attractive, it wouldn’t really matter how her jaw was shaped, but some men find that they’re always drawn to women who have this particular look. If your face is more round and your jawline isn’t as chiseled this doesn’t mean that you should feel down about the way you look. A strong jaw is something that only a segment of men in the population find attractive, and if you don’t have it that’s not going to make you less beautiful.


4 – Big lips:



Kylie Jenner started a movement when she debuted her new plump lips, lip injections, and implants have always been popular, but you can’t deny the impact kylie had on the cosmetic surgery industry, after showing off her pouty lips, a plastic surgeon actually credited kylie to for a seventy percent increase in lip injection inquiries.aside from the appearance of fuller lips being popular thanks to a pop culture icons, guys really seems to like big lips, too. To understand why they’re so alluring, we have to pull out some facts according to science and research. Internationally, fuller lips are a turn-on in various cultures because they’re a sign of youth. So guys subconsciously view girls with the inflated lip as being in the ripe, childbearing age.


3 – The perfect face:

There is no such thing as a perfect face, however, there is a distinct face size that many guys love, too much or too little fat in the facial tissue on a girl’s face was found to be unattractive in a recent study. Researchers are also believed that having the perfect amount of fat and plumpness to your face is a sign of good health, if a face is too thin or too plum, guys automatically believe that the girl is unhealthy. The study on the perfect face size that men find attractive was only taken with a sample of the male population. We’re all beautiful no matter how we look, and if a guy doesn’t like you because he thinks you don’t have the perfect face, take the perfect opportunity for you to kick him to the curb.


2 – Red lips :

The color red holds a lot of importance when it comes to attraction, not only is it the main color associated with love, but it is also the color that men universally find beautiful. Wearing a red dress it is definitely will turns heads.

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